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Short Films

Listed below are a collection of Short Films which I have produced over the past two years which I consider to be my best work. Each one of these were terrific learning experiences on my filmmaking journey, each posing different challenges. They all all free to watch for your viewing pleasure, and I hope you enjoy them, 

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A Mind of my Own (2017)

This film was my first solo University Project, and was a self-examination of myself as a person with Aspergers Syndrome. It's a personal project which I wanted to make to raise awareness for Autism generally, and visually represent what one's experience might be like. It was quite the rewarding process, I'll say that much. 

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Birds of the Mind (2018)

Birds of the Mind was a fashion project that I worked on as a producer. This film posed a couple of challenges for us since it was the first time we legitimately collaborated with some fashion designers to bring an entire abstract costume to life and try to make this really weird, abstract piece that audiences could take something from. It was quite a fun film to do, and I am quite proud of the results that came from it. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-12 at 14.08.46.png

My Inner-Nightmare (2019)

My Inner-Nightmare was a film quite personal to me. The film was heavily inspired by my own personal anxieties, and how sometimes your emotional feelings can make your life a living hell, and much of the film is about visually showing a man's thought process as his anxiety gets the best of him. 

But this film also felt like a major accomplishment for me since it was the first film I did with legitimate actors on board, and it was a strong learning experience when it came to giving directions but also not being afraid to take risks or let the actors so what they feel suits best. It was a very fun project, and one I won't forget much longer. 

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Adversity (2019)

Adversity was my first Non-Fiction project. This film, much like my others posed some challenges, most of which were new ones from learning what things should and shouldn't be controlled to keep a realistic level of authenticity, to learning how to work with contributors and figuring out the editing structure and story to bring it all together. 

Nick was great to work with on his film, and a lot of his life lessons during his many brief careers in a variety of different sports helped me to find a message that I know a lot of young people will find basically telling them to live life and just now that nothing is ever set in stone. This helped to make this story to me work, since I know that despite the film being a Sports Movie, it features themes that can be perfectly universal with the sports being the backdrop to this narrative. It was a great film to work on. 

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